Clean cooking


The approximate number of people without access to clean cooking facilities is 2.8 billion, primarily in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Among those, 2.5 billion people cook with biomass in inefficient and polluting stoves, causing sever health problems beside a global deforestation. (From ADBI working paper 1007).

This course provides an understanding of this still critical issue by demonstrating practical examples on how clean cooking could be made possible, even in poverty environments. The text is kept as simple as possible, but in some cases, we included a minimum of theory to be used by those who are interested in further development.

The examples shown are from practice most of the required equipment may be locally purchased or even to be assembled as DIY Kits.

Course Audience:

The course is for everyone who is involved with cooking at home, in restaurants or in open places.

Learning outcomes:

  • The objective of this course is to provide a pragmatic way to practice simple but effective clean cooking by explaining the necessary elements to a broad nonspecialized audience.

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