About Us

Star Greenwich Education ‘SGEDU’  is a fast-growing academic institution committed to bringing the very best in relevant and desirable UK professional qualifications to meet the demands of its students. With a strong and experienced team of expert tutors, we are able to deliver high standards of learning across our wide range of course programmes. Our teaching staffs come from diverse professional and academic backgrounds, providing our students with a unique insight into their experiences. Thus, our students acquire an enhanced understanding of various disciplines and have the opportunity to participate in a fulfilling learning experience.


Students are given high-quality educational opportunities and support services by StarGreenwich Education Limited (SGEDU), resulting in the successful completion of degrees, education, and competency in fundamental skills. Through the promotion of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and cultural awareness in a secure, easily accessible, and cost-efficient learning environment, SGEDU promotes academic and professional achievement. Through measurable learning outcomes, moral data-driven decisions, and student accomplishment, we embrace equality and accountability in order to address the needs of our demographically diverse student community.


StarGreenwich Education Limited (SGEDU) is driven to offer top-notch educational options that are attentive to our students’ requirements and equip them to meet and surpass obstacles as active contributors to determining the course of our global community.


Student Success and Completion: Meeting students’ needs by developing a learning environment where they can achieve a range of objectives.

  1. Excellence: Upholding a high bar for morality and performance, which helps people achieve their academic and professional objectives.
  2. Collaboration: Getting suggestions from all areas of the course providers and industry professionals.
  3. Diversity: Promoting a learning environment where the various values, objectives, and learning preferences of all students are acknowledged and supported.
  4. Life-Long Learning: Encouraging passionate, autonomous thinkers and learners who are pursuing personal development is what lifelong learning is all about.
  5. Integrity: Upholding moral principles in all dealings with others.
  6. Technological Advancement: Implementing cutting-edge technology to improve learning and equip students for success throughout their lives.