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Consultation & Assessment for Overseas Qualified Dentists

Our team of dental experts will help you with your General Dental Council (GDC) registration and assessment through dedicated consultations.

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GDC Registration Route
Made Easy

If you are aspiring towards the registration exams for dentists with the GDC, did you know that you could still work in a clinical setting as a dental hygienist or therapist with a registration process that does not require an exam. You could do this as long as you have the necessary skills and knowledge required by the General Dental Council’s scope of practice.

We are here to provide you with all the help and support through this process of assessment for the registration as a dental hygienist/therapist.

Considering how challenging the process of application could be, and as it can vary widely depending on various aspects of the university you have graduated from, the syllabus, your experience and several other features, we exercise individual attention to your case and operate like clockwork, until you get to your destiny of registration.

We provide all of the following services at a reasonable and affordable cost

  • Our team of experts will evaluate your documents, with a pre assessment process
  • We examine your syllabus carefully, and advise you of the shortcomes.
  • Provide reliable and effective guidance about the learning outcomes required, in order to fulfil the shortcomes.
  • Deliver to you a professional counsel with a list of all the essential CPDs, in order to overcome these shortfalls.
  • We assess every case individually against the outcomes. Point you to the right direction to fulfil any shortfalls.
  • Assist you through all the professional references required by the GDC to register.
  • Provide you with all the information for all the further/ancillary training required for the success of your application.
  • Your application to the GDC will be inspected meticulously and in depth, leading to your successful application.