Introduction to Banking


Banking is an important part of the financial system, as it provides a way for people and organizations to save and borrow money, and it helps facilitate economic activity by providing a way for businesses to access the capital they need to grow and invest. This course will provide an introduction to banking, an in-depth exposure to how the financial markets work, how they are changing and why.

Topics covered:

  • Origins and functions of banking, their services and activities
  • Various types of banking and investment banks
  • Risk management in banking
  • Consumer lending, mortgages and securitization
  • Time value of money, bonds and interest rates
  • Derivatives and structured products
  • Central banks: monetary and fiscal policy
  • Systemic risks in banking and regulation and supervision
  • Technological change and financial innovation in banking
  • Banking crises i: great depression, sovereign debt crises Banking crises ii: credit crunch Banking crises iii: Libor manipulation and rogue traders

Course Audience:

The course is for all business executives and for those who want to specialise in corporate finance and banking.

Learning outcomes:

After completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to critically address the principles of banking, its link with the structure and dynamics of the financial markets, and to apply those principles within financial markets.
  • Have Broad knowledge of banking products and services
  • Know about most recent research in banking and financial products
  • Understand exchange rates, interest rates and securities
  • Understand differences in corporate finance between small and large enterprises, and ability to differentiate between Listed and Unlisted corporations
  • Understand decision-making processes between firms and financial institutions in regard to financial mix, investment, and risk assessment

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