Recognising/managing micro-aggression (micro-inequalities)


Experiencing and/or witnessing racism impacts on ethnic minority employees in a number of ways. This includes having a direct impact on the mental health and emotional and psychological well-being of ethnic minority workers. Racism was also reported to have a negative impact on the careers of ethnic minority employees, reducing opportunities for additional training and career progression. This course seeks to identify and raise awareness of the existence and impact of micro aggressions and micro inequities in their various guises. 

Course Audience:

Team managers and professionals interested in learning about recognising and mitigating micro-aggression (micro-inequalities) in business setting.

Learning outcomes:

  • What are microaggressions
  • Hidden messages microaggressions send
  • Forms and types of microaggressions
  • Effects of microaggressions on the organization
  • Identifying microaggressions
  • Microaffirmations

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